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Welcome to Diavazo Greek Books, the Greek Books Specialist! We're delighted you want to know more about us, so.......

A handpicked selection of books that represent an organically ever-growing variety of books in Greek or/and about Greece.

A bookshop created by booklovers for booklovers.

Seasoned traveller and familiar with Greece and its language and culture, a parent, student or a teacher desperate for resources in Greek and/or English to keep the language learning process stimulating or simply a fan of Greek culture and wisdom in search of a cultural portal, LOOK NO FURTHER! Diavazo is you personal service, whatever your intellectual quest might be. We are here to ease your journey through the realms of accessing Greek culture.

As you will notice, we are reachable through a variety of means: phone/text/call/Whatsapp +447517536016, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, email! All you have to do is reach out and we're here to deal with any request you may have, from simple advice to ordering obscure and rare titles...No request sounds strange to our ears so don't be shy!

A few added perks to this service:

  • Handpicked selection of books: we spend a lot of time carefully tweaking the available titles. If a book has made it to our website, you know you're bound to be getting a REALLY GOOD book
  • However, because our variety is custom & dynamic, we offer out-of-catalogue ordering, where customers get a chance to enrich our selection with their personal recommendations
  • FREE shipping within the UK (Check Shipping Policy for more info or contact us)
  • Reward Points schemes and book exchange credit available (redeemable through the contact us form for new/existing customers)
  • Transparent service and frequent updates, so that you always know what you’re getting

Because we’re a small team, we can afford a more customised customer service. This means gladly spending more time on the phone or emails to you, responding to your queries and helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What more excuse do you need to give us a try?

We value our customers as much as they value their books, so we appreciate any feedback you can give us to improve your experience.

For a more complete customer experience, and especially if you prefer to feel your book before you buy it, get on our newsletter list and like our pages on Twitter and Facebook, as we're going to be announcing there any open days and Book Fairs we may be taking part in throughout the year!

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