The Comic Strip Greatest Greek Myths

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“'This book is undoubtedly the most original book about history you will ever read . . . A truly entertaining way to discover what gruesome deeds our ancestors got up to'” –  Anorak magazine

For anyone from the effortlessly erudite to those who think that a myth is a female moth, it's extremely handy to know about Greek myths. Not only are they everywhere - books, films, language, the collective subconscious - it will also make you look clever.

Now from Jason and the Argonauts to Helen of Troy (via Achilles' Heel), all the essential myths - plus a few brilliant but less well-known ones - have been condensed in one hilarious volume.

Featuring eye-gouging, baby-eating, liver-pecking and wooden horses, these are some of the most exciting and satisfying tales ever told . . . from the stories that created Heroes, invented Amazons, and brought you the Cyclops, centaurs and ladies with snakes in their hair.

Written by Tracey Turner and illustrated by celebrated cartoonist Sally Kindberg.

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Pages 96
Publication Date 2010
Publisher Bloomsbury
ISBN 9781408804490
Binding Hardback
Author Tracy Turner / Sally Kindberg
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