Greek Gods & Heroes - Sylvie Baussier / Almasty

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Angry gods… Divine goddesses… Mere mortals in peril… The top 40 Greek gods and heroes of all time are here!

Each Top 40 Famous title introduces readers to a fascinating non-fiction subject through its 40 most famous people or groups. In this fun title, 40 gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines of Greek Mythology are waiting to be discovered, including Gaia, Zeus, Prometheus, Pandora, Athena, Antigone, Orpheus, Helen and Achilles. Each portrait includes the persons genealogy, allies and enemies, history and the myths associated with them.
Sylvie Baussier studied General Literature before becoming an editor of encyclopaedias and a journalist. She now devotes herself fully to the work of writing for children. She lives in France. Almasty is a creative agency specialising in art direction, editorial design, animation, illustration and yeti sightings.
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Pages 88
Publication Date 2018
Publisher Quarto UK
ISBN 9781786031471
Binding Hardback
Author Sylvie Baussier / Almasty
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