Romiosini – Yiannis Ritsos (Bilingual)


They pushed on, all together, toward the dawn, with the disdain of a hungry person. In their unflinching eyes a star had formed. They were bearing the wounded summer on their shoulders. 

The word romiosini (ρωμιοσύνη) or 'Greekness' derives from the Byzantine idea that the Greeks are the true Romioi, the heirs of the Roman Empire. For hundreds of years under the Turkish occupation the flame of romiosini was kept alive in codes of honour, loyalty, bravery, love of the land, religious devotion and patriotism. For the Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos, the Greek Partisans of EAM/ELAS in the Second World War were the heroic heirs to the romiosini of the mountain klephtes, the medieval epic hero Digenis Akritas, and the revolutionaries who fought against the Turks in the 1820s. First published in 1954, Romiosini was later set to music by Mikis Theodorakis. This is the first time the poem has been published in book form in English.

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Pages 96
Publication Date 2014
Publisher Smokestack Books
ISBN 9780992740900
Binding Paperback
Author Yiannis Ritsos / Bill Berg
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