Searching for Sappho - Phillip Freeman

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An exploration of the fascinating poetry, life and world of Sappho, including a complete translation of all her poems.

The daughter of an aristocratic family, a wife, a devoted mother and a lover of women, Sappho was one of the greatest writers of her own or any age. Although most people have heard of Sappho, the story of her lost poems and the lives of ancient women they celebrate has never been told for a general audience.

Philip Freeman paints a vivid picture of Sappho’s world. He delves into religious rites, customs, the role of women in the family, medical knowledge and the experience of motherhood at the time. Through this contextual knowledge, a picture of Sappho’s life emerges. Freeman uses his vast historical research, in conjunction with Sappho’s poems and other Greek works of fiction, to bring us the closest we can come to knowing the biographical details of this most famous woman poet.

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Pages 336
Publication Date 2017
Publisher W.W. Norton & Co.
ISBN 9780393353822
Binding Paperback
Author Phillip Freeman
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