A Very Short Introduction:Aristotle - Jonathan Barnes

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  • The best introduction to Aristotle aimed at non-specialists
  • Jonathan Barnes is one of the best known scholars working in ancient philosophy
  • Takes account of Aristotle's later influence as well as his importance as a classical philosopher and scientist
  • Covers Aristotle's work in biology, logic, epistemology, psychology, metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics

The influence of Aristotle, the prince of philosophers, on the intellectual history of the West is second to none. In this book Jonathan Barnes examines Aristotle's scientific researches, his discoveries in logic and his metaphysical theories, his work in psychology and in ethics and politics, and his ideas about art and poetry, placing his teachings in their historical context.

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Pages 176
Publication Date 2000
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780192854087
Binding Paperback
Author Jonathan Barnes
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