A Very Short Introduction:Byzantium - Peter Sarris

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  • Addresses the question of what was distinctive about Byzantine civilization as it developed in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Details the urban, architectural, and social development of Byzantium
  • Considers the place of Byzantium in the modern imagination
  • Examines the often paradoxical and contradictory relationship between Byzantium and the Islamic world

After surviving the fifth century fall of the Western European Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire flourished as one of the most powerful economic, cultural, and military forces in Europe for a thousand years.

In this Very Short Introduction Peter Sarris introduces the reader to the unique fusion of Roman political culture, Greek intellectual tradition and Christian faith that took place in the imperial capital of Byzantium under the emperor Constantine and his heirs. Using examples from Byzantine architecture, art and literature, Sarris shows how their legacy was re-worked and re-invented in the centuries ahead, in the face of external challenges and threats. Charting the impact of warfare with the Persian and Islamic worlds to the east, Sarris explores the creativity of Byzantine statecraft and strategy, as well as the empire's repeated (but ultimately forlorn) attempts to enlist aid from the Christian powers of Western Europe to ensure its survival.

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Pages 168
Publication Date 2015
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780199236114
Binding Paperback
Author Peter Sarris
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