A Very Short Introduction:Classics – Mary Beard/John Henderson

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This Very Short Introduction to Classics links a haunting temple on a lonely mountainside to the glory of ancient Greece and the grandeur of Rome, and to Classics within modern culture-from Jefferson and Byron to Asterix and Ben-Hur.

  • The authors show us that Classics is a 'modern' and sexy subject. They succeed brilliantly in this regard ... nobody could fail to be informed and entertained - and the accent of the book is provocative and stimulating.' John Goodwin, Times Literary Supplement
  • Mary Beard writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement
  • Appeal to broad cross-section of readers, whose interests may be in ancient history, literature, philosophy, or art history
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Pages 160
Publication Date 2000
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780192853851
Binding Paperback
Author Mary Beard / John Henderson
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