A Very Short Introduction:Epicureanism – Catherine Wilson

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Provides readers with a sense of the influence of Epicureanism and its ideas on philosophical thought across the centuries

Epicureanism is commonly associated with a carefree view of life and the pursuit of pleasures, particularly the pleasures of the table. However it was a complex and distinctive system of philosophy that emphasized simplicity and moderation, and considered nature to consist of atoms and the void. Epicureanism is a school of thought whose legacy continues to reverberate today.

In this Very Short Introduction, Catherine Wilson explains the key ideas of the School, comparing them with those of the rival Stoics and with Kantian ethics, and tracing their influence on the development of scientific and political thought from Locke, Newton, and Galileo to Rousseau, Marx, Bentham, and Mill. She discusses the adoption and adaptation of Epicurean motifs in science, morality, and politics from the 17th Century onwards and contextualises the significance of Epicureanism in modern life.

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Pages 160
Publication Date 2015
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780199688326
Binding Paperback
Author Catherine Wilson
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