The Riddle of the Sphinx - Kostas Poulos

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Kostas Poulos
Leo Kalovyrnas
Sofia Papadopoulou

The monsters from Greek mythology speak out for themselves. Do not be afraid of them. They want you to get to know them. The Sphinx knows dozens of riddles. She asks passers-by and expects them to find the answer. And they must really do their best to find the right answer, or they are in for a nasty surprise.

The series Tales from Greek Mythology offers a new reading of the ancient Greek myths. They are not old, worn-out stories, but gripping tales of timeless human adventures, containing all the fears and joys that have marked and continue to mark the human soul.

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Pages 40
Publication Date 2018
Publisher Mεταίχμιο / Metaixmio
ISBN 9786180314472
Binding Paperback
Author Kostas Poulos
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