Handy Guide to the Bilingual Books

Handy Guide to the Bilingual Books

The best way to explore all our new and upcoming bilingual books is to simply type "bilingual" in the search bar!
In this post, you'll find a few of our top picked bilingual books that will help you explore the range of bilingual books we have in stock - that are not just for learning and not just English-Greek!

1. Loeb Classical Library

Not a stranger to all classicists, this erudite series offers unique hardback editions of big classical works of literature in a bilingual page-to-page layout of the original text in Ancient Greek and English.
loeb greek anthology loeb odyssey vol 2 loeb plato symposium

2. Bilingual Poetry by Aiora, Smokestack Books & Others

Poetry books are the pioneers in the bilingual edition scene and we have not only Greek-English ones but also Greek-Spanish and Greek-French!

3. Bilingual Children's Readers

KidKiddo books and Shelley Admont have put together n extensive series for our young readers growing up bilingual - on our website you can find the Greek English ones but they also exist in other languages, which are also available upon demand. We also have the top best-seller Bongo the Dinosaur as well as a multilingual fairytale - the only one available in the Greek book market right now.
bongo the dinosaur bilingual oneiro amanda bilinguali love my mum bilingual three little pigs bilingual

4. Bilingual Novel

So far, there's one bilingual novel we've managed to source and we're on the lookout for more, so please let us know if there's anything along these lines in the market that we my have missed!
mathima anatomias bilingual

5. Bilingual Educational Games & Colouring Books

Did you know that there are plenty of bilingual educational games for young learners? Here are just some of them but don't hesitate to enquire about more available options on demand.
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