Refunds & Returns Policy

 - In the case of an item being out of stock, full refund will be offered as an option, along with other options available.

- In the case where you incur surcharges for items sent by Royal Mail, please contact us as you will be entitled to a refund of the surcharge paid.

- Refunds of items gone missing due to external factors that are not by evidence associated with the responsibility of Diavazo Greek Books, may be refunded fully or partially, depending on the value of the order, the verdict of the courier's claim and the refund will only cover the cost of the items sold, not any postage and packing costs already paid. This needs to be arranged by e-mail.

Should you wish to return or cancel an item that you no longer need or incorrectly ordered/supplied, we are happy to accommodate you, under the following terms and conditions:

1) The item should be returned in intact and re-sellable form, as it was when dispatched from Diavazo's premises, for a full refund of the item's price at the time of purchase to be refunded.

No stains, markings, cuts or creases or any other visible damage will be accepted for a full refund. Depending on the damage to the item, a part or no refund may be issued.


2) Upon agreement between the seller (Diavazo Greek Books Ltd) and the purchaser (customer), refunds will be issued only for the cost of goods purchased and not for any incurring costs of postage and packing.


3) It is the responsibility of the customer claiming a refund to return the item to us intact and in the condition described in 1) and to cover any incurring postage expenses. The customer is free to choose whichever posting method they deem appropriate or seek advice from Diavazo Greek Books on the matter.


4) Upon reception of the items, the customer will be notified about the status and the amount of the refund they should be expecting, as well as of the time frame within which they should be expecting it.


5) In the case of wrongly supplied items on behalf of Diavazo, i.e. you ordered X and Diavazo supplied Y, Diavazo shall take full responsibility of replacing the item with the correctly ordered item, subject to stock availability, and cover the return shipping costs.


6) Should you require a cash refund that brings the sub-total of the order under the prescribed value threshold for free shipping, the amount for the shipping costs will be deducted from the total cash refund. Alternatively, you can request a credit refund to be used on your next purchase from Diavazo, with no expiry date or time limit on it.


7) In the case of defective items (including CDs, audio-books, other electronic defects but not limited to these), partial refund of the item's value can be granted, if requested. Postage and packing costs, if paid, will not be refunded, and the customer may be able to receive a free replacement, given the nature of the defect. Items damaged during transit will not be replaced or refunded. However, the customer may be entitled to redeemable vouchers of agreed value, subject to terms and conditions.


8) Labels and returns drop-offs can be arranged by Diavazo upon request. In this case, you must label your parcel clearly and ensure that items to be returned are packed safely and securely.


9) Shipments are travelling with the responsibility of the customer. Should any order go missing, the customer must place the order again, if they need a replacement, which is subject to stock availability. If not, they can claim a refund by contacting us as described above.


10) In the event of a misquoted delivery address where delivery was rejected, Diavazo will not be issuing cash refunds and depending on the situation, the customer might be offered credit for future purchases up to the value of the items purchased. Postage and packing costs will not be refunded. For courier deliveries, in order to avoid misdirection of packages, PLEASE double-check the confirmation email with the tracking number sent by the courier and by Diavazo for any mistakes on the address label.


11) For further queries on Returns and Refunds do not hesitate to contact us at +44 (0) 7517536016 by text, call or WhatsApp.