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A How-To-Order Guide / Out-of-Catalogue Orders

It's never been easier to access Greek books with the best service provided and at great prices! Also, take a look at our Pre-Order Terms of Use and the Diavazo On Demand / Pre-Order articles.

Below you'll find a quick and easy recap of all the different ways you can order your books from us.

And don't forget: if a book is out of stock, you can Pre-Order it straight away and we'll get that shipped as soon as we have it! Read more here on how it works.

If you need it within a certain deadline or you cannot find it on the website, just drop us a line in the Messenger/Chat in the corner down right with the title, your name and how many copies you'd like us to reserve for you.

No deposits needed for the Orders on Demand*, we'll just be in touch when the books are ready to ship! Easy.

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*For single titles of an estimated value more than £35, an agreed refundable deposit may be be required, as a symbolic gesture to cover for some of the risk. The deposit is either returned upon failure of sourcing the book or deducted from the final total to pay. Orders for out-of-catalogue titles are always placed after the firm agreement of the customer and after an estimated price has been quoted from Diavazo Greek Books.
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