Why Choose Diavazo: Bookshop On-Demand!

Why Choose Diavazo: Bookshop On-Demand!

Diavazo launches online Bookshop On-Demand!

During the last year or so, we have been experiencing increasing delays and issues with adequately restocking your favourite books and having them all available at once.

First of all, we would like to apologise for this inconvenience and take this opportunity to explain why this has been the case. Diavazo Greek Books is a tiny business, run by one person and within a rather confined space for book stocking. Although the brand has been growing significantly over the past 5+ years of operation, the funds are still limited to make any further investment and bold moves that would compromise the survival of the business, therefore we cannot afford right now - and for the foreseeable future - to move somewhere bigger and to order in more stock than we already do. Furthermore, given that it is a one-woman-band operation, it is virtually impossible to shift focus solely on getting investments and on the required risk predictions.

However, we have been developing and maintaining an excellent rapport with most of our customers, receiving some excellent book ideas constantly! After all, our first and foremost goal has always been to be a dynamic bookshop that caters for booklovers and their bookish needs in the most personalised way possible. A personal service is what we can definitely offer, above all!

Those who have used our on-demand services already know the deal and it couldn't be easier and more customised than this: you contact us through your preferred means of communication (socials, telephone, text, WhatsApp, website chat, contact form) with any books you might be after and you let us do the rest, while you wait! The average waiting time for books to arrive ranges from 2 weeks to a month and that is because we place a bulk order every once a month or so. For more details and specifics, we always let you know what the estimated time of arrival is upon communication.

An exciting new feature has just launched by which you can pre-order certain titles - it's still a work in progress until we fine-tune all the products we'd like to offer that feature for, but it will help us boost the restocking process according to your needs.

We will always keep you in the loop for the anticipated process and be as transparent as possible with all the relevant information regarding your orders.

This is all an attempt to keep the bookshop running in the most viable way and for you, our beloved little family, to still be able to get and gift your favourite books!

Thank you for understanding, for using the service, for recommending it, for getting in touch with honest feedback about the stock issues, for doing your little bit in this book-loving relationship!

We aspire to keep on going and we can't do it without you.


Με πολλή πολλή αγάπη,





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