Baby Blue - Pol Koutsakis

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A crime novel that takes place in the dark streets of Athens.

The second book of the Stratos Gazis series by Pol Koutsakis translated in English by Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife.

The story centres around the blue-eyed orphan Emma, the "baby blue" of the title, a beautiful teenage girl with a talent for card tricks of exceptional sophistication - all the more impressive for her tender years and the blindness that has afflicted her since the age of eight. Emma and her adoptive father, a former investigative journalist, roam the streets of Athens together, earning enough to keep body and soul together by performing Chaplinesque sketches.

When the ex-journalist is brutally murdered, Angelino, a well-connected Athenian underworld figure, takes the girl under his wing and retains the services of Stratos to find her father's killers. Meanwhile, Costas Dragas, a top homicide cop and Gazis's best friend, has taken on the investigation of a spate of murders of paedophiles, and as usual, has gone to war with the media.

Pages 284
Publication Date 2018
Publisher Bitter Lemon Press
ISBN 9781908524911
Binding Paperback
Author Pol Koutsakis, Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife (Translator)
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