Compendium of 1850 Modern Greek Verbs

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This Compendium is a collection of Greek verbs used in spoken or written Modern Greek language. It is intended as a reference aid for establishing the various formations of tenses, moods and voices and to assist in the understanding of a Modern Greek text and in the use of correct forms when speaking or translating from one language to the other. Compound and idiomatic verbs were not chosen for inclusion in the list of verbs but rather single word verbs with a corresponding single word translation -even though many verbs have more than one commonly used meaning depending on the context. This is something not covered here but by presenting the various simple and compound tenses the Compendium provides a guide to situating events in time for clear and precise communication.

The first part of the book contains tables of verbs conjugated in all tenses both in the Active and Passive voices. These tables show examples which cover the conjugation pattern for each listed verb.

There are also pages where the meaning of each tense and the rules for forming the relevant endings are set out. The list of verbs should make it easier to understand and remember the variety of forms.

Other forms of speech with various verb constructions are also included, e.g. conditional and impersonal.

Table of Contents

Read an excerpt here.

Pages 237
Publication Date 2007
Publisher University Studio Press
ISBN 9789601216171
Binding Paperback
Author Maria Tsiotsiou - Moore / Mike Henson


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