Flying Starts: Endangered Species - Αρκάς/Arkas

Flying Starts: Endangered Species - Αρκάς/Arkas

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Once the bird learns how to fly... everything is too late.And the little sparrow is father has missed all his chances anyway.His wife left him for someone else, and his son never misses an occasion to let him know why.Yet the poor father never stops hoping...

In this fifth volume of Flying Starts the unfortunate father decides he does not want to die alone and tries to start over with another partner.But he is counted his eggs before they are hatched his son is dead against it - but the little one does let him know he will not let him die on his own:he will help!

The fifth volume of Flying Starts(Χαμηλές Πτήσεις) by Arkas in English.

Pages 64
Publication Date 2006
Publisher Γράμματα/Grammata
ISBN 9789603294405
Binding Paperback
Author Αρκάς/Arkas