Finding Ithaka (Ionian Trilogy Book 1) - Anna Harvey (Signed Copy)

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An Epic Story Traversing Time

Home on Ithaka, Odysseus reflects on his life and the choices he has made.

Duty bound to join the Greek expedition to Troy, his brilliant strategy ended the Trojan Wars. But the barbarity of the Greeks and the arrogance of Agamemnon their leader, cannot go unpunished by the gods. On the perilous journey home filled with strange creatures and foreign peoples, Odysseus embarks on a passionate affair with Kirke, a mysterious priestess. Now the appearance of an owl, a portent of death, threatens the palace's peace and harmony. As the kingdom faces a new peril, Odysseus must make one final decision.

Dr Thea Sefton, escaping the breakdown of her marriage, joins an archaeological expedition to the Greek island of Kefalonia. It was here her Greek lover, Dimitri Kampitsis, abandoned her twenty years before. As they search for clues for the lost palace of Odysseus, Thea finds herself strangely drawn to Rob Hughes, a climate scientist.

But her peace is quickly shattered after Thea discovers her former lover Dimitri is not only on the island, but is the powerful sponsor behind the archaeological venture.

Past and present collide in the captivating page-turner based on genuine research. The writer takes the reader on a journey to solve an enduring archaeological mystery and retell a timeless epic classic.


Pages 536
Publication Date 2020
Publisher Independently published
ISBN 9781786541529
Binding Paperback
Author Anna Harvey
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