Greek for You/Ελληνικά για Εσάς A0 +CD (bilingual)

Greek for You/Ελληνικά για Εσάς A0 +CD (bilingual)

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As teachers of Greek as a second/foreign language for decades, we observed that our students in all levels of aptitude were repeating certain mistakes that became fossilised. In our effort to address this problem, we decided to create a set of material that would address inherent particularities of the pronunciation of the Greek language at a very early stage, even before A1 level.


The book is divided into 5 chapters (Steps). The objectives of the book are: reading, writing, phonemic awareness, pronunciation, and accentuation. The material is unfolded based on its increasing difficulty. Punctuation, grammar, cultural topics, songs and other information complete the basic material, along with a variety of listening and writing exercises. Other material included is:

Extra reading material

Greek words in foreign languages

Table of countries & nationalities

Table with numbers

Alphabetically listed vocabulary (approximately 1.800 words)

Key to exercises

Pages 160
Publication Date 2014
Publisher NEOHEL Publishing
ISBN 9789607307668
Binding Paperback
Author Εvangelia Georgantzi – Εleana Raftopoulou