Medea of Colchis - Mike French, Vittorio Mattioli

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Part of the Great Women of Greek Mythology series. Read an excerpt here.

We are delighted to announce the release of a new series of English books for young and old that introduce readers to the world and culture of ancient Greece through the iconic heroines of mythology. Whether adaptations of classic tragedies by Euripides, Aeschylus, and Sophocles or original works based on well-known sources, these books aim to take readers on a journey of adventure, drama, death, and love while focusing on the women who they played such an important part in our history - and are often still remembered as mere spectators. The series begins with six books: Medea, Circe, Electra, Helen, Ariadne, and Antigone. The first three are issued in March 2024, while the next three in the summer. Each book can be read separately and you can start reading in any order, but there is a basic thread that ultimately connects all these characters and provides a broader view of what it was like to be a woman in the ancient Greek world.

Vittorio Mattioli and Mike French are writers, translators and editors of texts and books. "Citizens of the world", they created the company Read Panda Editing, based in Estonia. Vittorio is Greek-Italian and lives in Athens and Mike (despite his last name) is British and lives in Brussels. They provide their services mainly in English, but you can also communicate with them in Italian, French, Greek, Icelandic and Spanish. The series Great Women of Greek Mythology is their first publishing work in Greece.

The special covers of the series have been designed by the talented illustrator Little Miss Grumpy. Born in Athens, she dreamed of becoming an actress, but eventually became one of the most promising illustrators of her generation. Her draws, sketches and paints for books and newspapers and creates objects with… personality. 


Pages 140
Publication Date 2024
Publisher Brainfood
ISBN 9786185427337
Binding Paperback
Author Mike French, Vittorio Mattioli / Little Miss Grumpy


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