Guide to Greece1:Central Greece – Pausanias / J.Lacey / J.Newberry / P.Levi

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Written in the second century AD by a Greek traveller for a predominantly Roman audience, Pausanias' Guide to Greece is an extraordinarily literate and well-informed guidebook.

A study of buildings, traditions and myth, it describes with precision and eloquence the glory of classical Greece shortly before its ultimate decline in the third century. This volume, the first of two, concerns the five provinces of central Greece, with an account of cities including Athens, Corinth and Thebes and a compelling depiction of the Oracle at Delphi. Along the way, Pausanias recounts Greek legends that are unknown from any other source and quotes a wealth of classical literature and poetry that would otherwise have been lost. An inspiration to Byron and Shelley, the Guide to Greece remains one of the most influential travel books ever written.

Pages 608
Publication Date 1979
Publisher Penguin Books
ISBN 9780140442250
Binding Paperback
Author Pausanias / J.Lacey / J.Newberry / P.Levi
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