The Lame Angel - Alexis Panselinos

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A Greek edition of The Lame Angel (Ο Κουτσός Άγγελος) was first published in 2002 to widespread acclaim. This is the first English translation.

Angel Sotiriou, a young private detective, is forced to flee New York to escape the Mafia. He returns to Greece, the land of his forebears, hoping to establish himself professionally in Athens. During the first years of the Second World War, he finds himself trapped in a city under occupation, with little knowledge of the country beyond its language. In order to survive, he must navigate his way between an authoritarian state, opportunists willing to exploit him at every turn, and a citizenry made desperate by the Great Famine. When a mysterious and seemingly omnipotent old gentleman appears in his office to engage his services and endows him with a startling gift, his life is forever changed.

This is the story of a man with blighted hopes, who discovers love and friendship and ultimately his own worth and humanity, amidst the miseries, starvation and dogged courage of wartime Athens.

Pages 496
Publication Date 2020
Publisher Recital Publishing
ISBN 9781733746434
Binding Paperback
Author Alexis Panselinos, Caroline Harbouri (translator)
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