The Last Bluff - Eleni Varvitsioti, Viktoria Dendrinou

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How Greece came face-to-face with financial catastrophe & the secret plan for its euro exit.

“There has been much written about the Eurozone crisis, but until now nobody has told its last, tragic chapter: how the radical government of Alexis Tsipras nearly forced Greece out of the euro almost by accident. Dendrinou and Varvitsioti uncover compelling evidence that Europe was ready to let its weakest link go, offering key insights into how its leaders decide when faced with a major crisis. It reads like a thriller, making the cataclysmic events of 2015 come alive by detailing the behind-the-scenes machinations of those who decided the fate of Greece—and the euro.”

– Peter Spiegel

US managing editor, Financial Times

Pages 336
Publication Date 2019
Publisher Παπαδόπουλος/ Papadopoulos
ISBN 9789604843725
Binding Paperback
Author Eleni Varvitsioti, Viktoria Dendrinou
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