The Poems of Catullus - Daisy Dunn

The Poems of Catullus - Daisy Dunn

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Written in the twilight of the Roman Republic, the poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus offers a delicious insight into the passions and gossip of high Roman society.

From the poet and his friends to cultural and political titans, including Caesar, Cicero, and Pompey, his cutting, modern verse spares no-one. In this new translation by Daisy Dunn, author of Catullus’ Bedspread, his obscene honesty, arrogant wit and surprising tenderness capture Roman society at their best.

Most famous for his obsessive love lyrics for the married Lesbia, Catullus’ words are an immortal expression of youth, rebellion and agonised love.

Pages 176
Publication Date 2016
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 9780007582969
Binding Paperback
Author Gaius Valerius Catullus / Daisy Dunn