Xenophobe's Guide to the Greeks - Alexandra Fiada

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What makes the Greeks GREEK: A guide to understanding the Greeks which takes an insightful, irreverent look at their character and attitudes.

‘The author hits every part of the culture and its stereotypes with extreme accuracy. As a Greek who has lived in the U.S. for half of his life, the book had me reminiscing about my family and customs. A must read for any Greek, or someone married to a Greek.’
Review from a Greek in the USA

‘Hilariously accurate. I got given this book as a present and having lived in Greece for a while now, I found this book to absolutely invaluable! I laughed so much as it really does sum up the Greeks and their wonderful mentality so perfectly. I have bought this for all my friends and it’s a wonderful gift for those who know any Greeks!’                  Reviewer from Corfu, Greece

Being Greek, this book really made me laugh! Every word in it is absolutely true and the author presents everything in their true manner. Great book to read if you want to know how Greeks are.’        Review from a Greek in London

‘This book is brilliant! I have read it countless times. Hits the nail on the head. For someone unfamiliar and open minded with Greece and the Greeks, this book is recommended. Being Greek, I must admit I have rediscovered myself in many of the sayings in the book and strangely enough, I have also learned a few things too. It’s short, it’s cheap, and very well written. A crash course to anything Greek!’              Review from ‘greek’


Pages 96
Publication Date 2004
Publisher Oval Books
ISBN 9781906042349
Binding Paperback
Author Alexandra Fiada
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